Weather complication on Apple Watch modular face with watchOS 3

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Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.
I know I am, I recently got an Apple Watch the other day for both my birthday/Christmas.
I had a question about the modular face.
I noticed when I set my weather to the bottom middle complication, or anywhere in the complications, the high and low are wrong. Did line sometimes it is right, and sometimes it is reading the high from the day before. Four instance yesterday, we had a high of 72, and today, we have a high of 15. Yes, you have to love this West Texas weather.
Anyhow, for some strange reason the weather complications not seem to keep up to date with whatever information is getting its weather from.
The current temperature is always correct, however the high and low are sometimes read incorrectly as if it is getting its data from the day before. Do any of you have this trouble and if so do you know of any way to fix it? I have contacted Apple, and they told me to of course repair the Apple Watch which I did, but this did not solve the problem.
Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you very much and once again have a safe and happy holiday season!



Submitted by brandon armstrong on Sunday, December 18, 2016

this also happens on the iphone side as well, i've looked at the weather widget and it said something like 39 degrees and when I ask siri about it, it gives me a totally different temp. it's like the two are out of sync. come on apple, get it together.