Very likely, a serious bug with Tweetings on Apple Watch: | Can anyone reproduce?

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OK, this is the main reason why I wanted to switch over to Twitterrific, although, if I can't find out how to switch, on the watch, between buffers, (See my other forum post,) then it's gonna be a dealbreaker not to use. Baiscally with Tweetings though, to get back on topic, for the longest time now, I've been having this really peculiar behavior whereby if I get a notification from Tweetings, say a mention, or a direct message, my watch dings/vibrates as it should, I tap the watch face, Voiceover reads the notification and all seems fine. Now however, here's the really wackid part though. If I flick to the right, all the way to the bottom of that screen showing the notification once it pops up, I see the reply button. Now, you'd think, would you not, that if you double tapped on this, it would then allow me to begin dictating with Siri my response, just like it does when you 3D touch on the watch within the main app to compose a brand new tweet. Well, that's not happening. If I double tap the reply button, it just sits there like a dumb coocoo bird, and does absolutely practically nothing at all. I've even turned off Voiceover and had a sighted person try tapping the reply icon. Even with no Voiceover, it seems to not do anything. I'm just wondering if my watch is possessed, or can anyone else up here also reproduce this? I've tried multiple times writing to the devs via E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, the app store directly through means of a review, heck, being they are also on Android, I even tried on the Play Store to reach them through means of a review, then revert my attention back to iOS once they responded. This is about the 10th time in the last 3 or so months that I've tried reaching out to them, and have gotten no reply. Apparently, others have told me the same thing, they used to be very very good about answering, but lately, they never ever respond. Frankly, I'm getting sick a this! All I want is a Twitter client I can use on my watch that lets me reply to mentions, and DM's, as well as view all my timelines. Tweetings would be perfect, if it just wasn't for the stupid thing not working with the reply button.

What do yall suggest? Can you reproduce this, etc? Let me know below in the comments, please. Smile.