using siri on the apple watch

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hi all so i am still considering my purchase of an apple watch but i do have a sensible question today. if i get tapped on the wrist can i lift it, without activating voiceover as i hear that is now possible and say hey siri, read my text whilst out and about. then have siri read it dictate reply and lower wrist? or do i still need to stop click with the crown and or touch screen read the message, find reply hit that then dictate? what i guess i'm trying to work out is how hands free is siri on an apple watch vs just pulling my iPhone out of my pocket? also are their distinct ways of knowing if that settle tap was an msg or a notification? i have heard davids podcasts but still find it hard to understand if i have a bunch of notifications the iPhone will display them in a list but how would the watch show them when woken up? i assume siri could just read them for me? still not sure yet if i want the sports watch with a milanese loop or go for the more expensive watch