Trouble getting Apple watch "try-on" appointment for Apple Watch Series 4

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I learned yesterday when visiting an Apple store that the demo watches don't allow anyone to test the watch's accessibility features.

I am interested in possibly buying a watch for my adult daughter who is blind and has some developmental delay. She uses her iPhone 6 and its accessibility features pretty well. But because she has some minor hand coordination limitations, it's important for her to see if she can handle gestures on a smaller watch screen. She has never used an Apple watch before.

After our unsuccessful visit yesterday, I researched the internet and found an AppleVis Blog post back in 2015, updated in 2017, noting that Apple was letting people who are blind or visually impaired make an Apple Watch "try-on" appointment at an Apple store to test out accessibility features.

I tried to set up a "try-on" appointment using the procedure described in the past AppleVis Blog post- all to no avail. The Apple reps both on the telephone and in another Apple store said they were not making any such "try on" appointments, and I had two choices: (1) buy the watch and wait until January 2019 to take a class at the store, or (2) buy the watch, try out its accessibility features at home, and return it within 2 weeks if it didn't work out.

Has anyone else had any recent success with getting a "try on" appointment? Thank you.



Submitted by Froglet on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Every Apple store has watches that are set aside for classes (different from the demo watches). They are also supposed to have at least one "accessibility" Apple watch allocated for such purposes. While it is true that the demo watches do not have accessibility settings on them, an Apple employee should be able to grab a watch from the back that is full-featured. If the person you get is unaware of this, respectfully ask to speak with a manager, describe your situation, and I am confident they will get a watch that will work for your daughter to try out. You don't require an appointment for this at all. I'm sorry you encountered such a lack of awareness regarding accessibility--anyone else can walk into the store and try out an Apple watch, and your daughter should be able to do the same without being told she needs to purchase it with no idea if it will suit her needs or not. Best of luck!

Thank you for the detailed suggestions. On our visit, I did ask for, and spoke with, a store manager. The manager, while friendly and sympathetic, was not helpful. We will try again and visit a different Apple store the day after Thanksgiving and try your suggestions.

Submitted by techluver on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I've been using apple watch since the day the first one came out :).

Submitted by techluver on Thursday, November 22, 2018

You're welcome. It may help to go to another apple store. In my area (san diego), I had to go to 2 before they knew what was cooking and I could get a try-on appointment.