three days with apple watch

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

Hi All, i have for two weeks opportunity to try out apple watch, 38 MM, sport.
Here are my impresions after three days:
- voiceover is responding so slowly, very hard to work with larger apps.
- all apps are loading very slowly.
- in noisy environment totally inusable.
- i like very very much fitness functionality.
- i like the way how i can tune my clockfaces, complications, color etc etc.
- i like messaging app, dictating and replying to messages is very precise, even im czech language.
- i hate siri, it can not speak czech.
- 38 variant is too small for me.
- it is not so comfortable to use watch in winter, too many clothes and it is hard to work with the watch.
What about your impresions?



Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Monday, February 29, 2016

I know a little about the apple watch because I tried it before. Even though I don't have one, I can tell you some impressions about it. Voiceover should be faster on every software update. If the 38 MM is too small for your wrist, I'd recommend getting the 42 MM. Or maybe wait until the Apple Watch 2 comes out. You say in this thread that Siri doesn't speak Check language? That's probably because it doesn't support it yet.