Swimming feature in watch os 4

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So I just updated to watch os 4. I saw something about a feature that measures how many lenghts you have been swimming. Does this work for apple watch sports? I am asking because I do not want to try and screw up my watch because I love it and cannot afford a new one.



Submitted by mehgcap on Monday, October 16, 2017

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The question regarding waterproofing and swimming is answered by the series, not the model. The Sport (aluminum), standard (stainless steel) or Edition (ceramic) are all waterproof or not, depending on which series they are. The first generation, sometimes called Series 0, is not swim-capable, but can survive some immersion. The Series 1 is similar. The Series 2 and Series 3 are both waterproof to 50 meters and are designed for swimming.There's an easy way to tell if your Watch can handle swimming: try to start a swimming workout. If you have open-water and pool swim options in your Workout app, your Watch can handle it. Similarly, if your Watch has "Water Lock" as an option in the Control Center, it is waterproof. Finally, a point of clarification: watchOS 4 can now track sets. It could track lengths even in watchOS 3. Sets, better stroke type detection, and other features are new in 4.