Siri on Apple Watch Series 6 and OS 7

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I am having a strange problem with Siri on my apple watch. I see that the Siri voice is turned on in the phone watch app, but when I go to settings on my watch itself, it says turned off. I try to turn it on, but it defaults back to off. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? I'd love to change my voice to Siri male if I can. I also saw something about it being downloaded to the watch, but I have never seen anything that tells me to download it. I guess I'm a little confused.



Submitted by Amanda Hall on Friday, October 9, 2020

I'm also having this problem too since I upgrade to the Apple Watch 6. It changed to it fine on my old 4, but my 6 is doing exactly the same thing. I thought at first it was because I hadn't downloaded the voices, because if I go in to siri settings, it asks me to download them and then claims it has, but then if I go out and back in again, it tries to start downloading the voices again like it never downloaded them in the first place, so I found out that couldn't have been the problem. I hope it's just a bug that might be fixed in the next update.

Submitted by mendi on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

So I also noticed another problem. I thought watchOS7 was supposed to have braille options. Not only will the Siri voice not work, but my braille options are not there.

Submitted by Charli Jo on Thursday, October 15, 2020

This is my first Apple Watch, so I don't know how it worked before. I expected Siri voice from my watch, i get Daniel instead!