Severe limitations when on a phone call

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watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

Hi guys!

So I have my Apple Watch Series 6 44MM celular, and I want to use it to make phone calls.

When I do that, a few interesting things happen. I went on Google as well as checked the manual for Apple Watch, paying particular attention to the phone app.

Apple mentions that you can't view notifications from the home screen but you need to either go to your watch face or open an app, which is fine. I already discovered that. However, what I can't find information on anywhere is how to open notifications when you're on a phone call. Notifications also do not trigger when I'm in a call, so if anything happens I'm not going to know about it.

I also can't move away from the phone screen, but it just tells me to "End call to continue".

I haven't turned up anything on this, which is why I ordered it to begin with, since I couldn't find anyone having this problem and assumed it would work. Also, since apps are capable of apparently playing audio in the background, it seemed like a strange limitation.

Is that actually how it is supposed to work?