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Hi all.
I have had my account on the forum for very long time, but due to a busy life, I've not posted much on the forum. I think this is my first topic. I've searched the forum for my questions but can't seem to find an answer, but I might look at the wrong place. So I'm sorry if all my questions has been answered before. If that's the case, then just post a link to the relevant topics and I'll read the answers there...
Well, I have a lot of questions:
Reasonly, I figured out that the iPhone app Sleep Time Free, which tracks your sleep and wakes you at the right moment makes a big difference for me. I woke up fresh, which is not the case every morning... Then I thought about the Fitbit smartwatch, which a few people have mentioned being accessible on the forum. This smartwatch tracks a lot of data while wearing it, and have the same sleep tracker, silent alarm which wakes you the right moment depending on how you sleep. My first question is: Can the Apple watch do the same thing as the Apple watch? If it can, then this is one more reason for me to get an Apple watch. Can the Fitbit do other accessible things which the Apple watch can't do?
Second question: A friend of mine wanna sel his first gen Apple watch for a cheep price. I'm not sure if I should buy this, buy the new series 1 watch or the series 2. I won't swim with my watch, so I don't care if it's water protected or not. GPS, well, that's on my phone anyway. I don't run and I don't do any sports accept for walking a lot and walk fast because I enjoy it. So, any good reason to pick the new series 1 or series 2?
Third question: I'm a Braille user, and I like Braille watches a lot, because I'm very often in siturations, where I need to check the time without disturbing other people. I was lucky to test the Apple watch a year ago. I found the watch really great, cool and useful in many siturations, but I couldn't deal by checking the time by speech. I wrote an article in my country about my experiences with the watch, which got a lot of blind people interested in the watch, but my conclusion was, that I couldn't deal with the way of checking the time. So I was very excited to read about the new tactic time feature. For you who have used Braille watches, what are your experiences with this new feature? Can you check the time as fast as using a Braille watch? I've heard the podcast where the feature is demonstrated, but I find it difficult to hear the vibration. How does the minutes counts if you choose the fastest setting which I don't remember what's called?
I know that's a lot of questions, but I hope to get them all answered. No hurry though. :)



Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hi. Although I don't own an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, here is my answer to a question you posted. You said your friend is selling his first gen apple watch, you're not sure if you should buy it. The Series 2 apple watch is not only water resistant, so is the fitbit. You may not swim with your watch, what about doing dishes, plunging your hand into the water without thinking about it? The Fitbit, from someone's description isalso able to be with you in the shower, I've heard you need to run the app to do a lot of the setup and reading of your health data. The watch, with it's haptick feedback may help you once you get used to it. I'm sorry I don't have all your answers, hope I helped somewhat. You might want to see if david Woodbridge who demoed a Series 2 watch and is keeping his series one, might answer your questions. Good luck.

Submitted by thebigt on Saturday, November 19, 2016


I have a fitbit and find it is great. I do not have the water resistant one but i am not bothered by that. I wrote a review on it about a year ago. I still have it and love it. I didn't get the apple watch because i don't need one and can do everything from my phone.
The link to my review on here is:

Submitted by thebigt on Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ps, i am happy to answer any questions on the Fitbit :)

Submitted by Kerry Fielding on Friday, January 27, 2017

Hi. I used to own a fitbit flex but have literally this week switched to an apple watch series 1. I think it very much depends upon what you want to do.

I loved my flex but after getting arthritis in my foot, I am unable to walk great distances so I've bought me an exercise bike and on that basis, I bought me an apple watch as fitbit can only track steps counted.

I also love the fact that my watch is right there, instant access not only for notifications but also if I want to navigate somewhere or make a call. Especially in the winter when it's freezing cold and hard work to get my phone out of my bag.

I certainly never considered the apple watch series 2. For one, it's very expensive and the features that it offers over the series 1 just wasn't worth it for me.

For me the only aspect of the fitbit that I thought I was going to have to give up is the social side. Turns out that's not the case. You can use the fitbit app and add the mobile tracker.

As for the taptic time telling, I really like that feature. I'm new to this and haven't really experimented with the different settings but so far so good. In the UK at least Braille watches don't last too long. My husband bought one for me Christmas 2015 and already the paint on the face is starting to peel and it looks very scruffy. If I'm going to have to hunt around for a braille watch and spend a boatload of money, i might as well have the apple watch that gives me discrete time-telling capabilities, access to fitness stats and quick and instant access to other things I might need when I'm out and as a watch,it will last me far longer I'm sure.

I hope this helps

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