problems getting set up with my apple watch sport 42 mm

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hi all so i got my apple watch sport 42 mm yesterday yet when i turned it on when had it on charge overnight i triple clicked the crown and i hear a rising triple tone sound (almost like an error sound?) and voiceover is not coming up. have i accidentally turned on zoom or something by mistake? i'm not really impressed as when i somehow? got voiceover up just went doing doing doing all around the watch face as though i was on a blank screen. i can't get to an apple store until next week and my fourteen day return window here in the UK started yesterday. could they get in to my watch over the phone and turn on VO?



Submitted by Seanoevil on Saturday, March 12, 2016


Sorry, this will have to be a quick post but all the settings you need to enable Voice Over on your Watch etc can be enabled through the App on your iPhone.
Check out the Podcasts on this site for more info.



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