Niggly issue with Apple Watch

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I have a small niggly issue with my Apple Watch.

I’ve got the “Speak on wrist raised” turned off. Which means I either tap the screen or press the digital crown to activate the watch. This works perfectly fine. But when I wear a shirt, or a jacket, my sleeve brushes against the watch screen which also activates it. So find myself pressing my palm on the screen to lock it, until it happens again.

Short of not wearing a jacket in the rain, (as it’s summer here in London, ha ha..) Is there anything I can do to stop this from happenning? Anyone else have a similar issue?

Had the watch for almost 3 weeks now, and honestly, it hasn’t quite changed my life. I’ve got the 42mm steel with leather loop, and I keep telling myself that I need more time to get use to it. Hummm…