New version 1.3 of TimeBuzz released

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About 30 minutes ago I released a new version of TimeBuzz,version 1.3.

This update includes a new Greenwich buzz pattern that I'm personally a great fan of. It was suggested to us by a user of TimeBuzz and is very easy to follow. With this pattern the tens of the hours and minutes are indicated with long vibrations and the single digits with short vibrations. This makes it easier to count the vibrations. Give it a try!

This update also adds the ability to stop the buzzing of the time by tapping again on the button. The internal logic of the app has been largely rewritten to work more efficiently and for better interoperability with Voice Over. We are still working on improving compatibility with Voice Over but our options are limited as Apple does not give us much options to interact with Voice Over.

Buy the app or update through the Appstore and give it a try. We welcome all great ideas, input and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us through the TimeBuzz website ( The features in this update were all suggested to us by users of TimeBuzz. If you like the app, please leave a review in the App Store (