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Hello. I just updated to watch os 4 and I wasn’t even sure how it worked in Watch Os in watch os three. It says I should use the music app on my phone but I cannot find anything there at all. I cannot see how to share music to my watch.



Submitted by Tim Noonan on Sunday, December 10, 2017

The answer to your question is that you need to go into the music section of the Watch app on your iPhone to select playlists that get synced to your watch. Default playlists of recently played and others now go to your watch.

However, before the watchOS 4.2 release, the watch was not great for audio if you use Voiceover.

Now, ducking releases quickly and the Watch and Music is viable. There are still some more minor issues, but it is now a reasonably good experience

The ducking bug fix also makes listening to Just Press Record audio on the watch viable.

Full details about this and other Voiceover and Watch OS4 issues are at my blog post