Looking for an accessible compass for AppleWatch

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Hi all,
I move everyday on my own and I find compass an excellent tool to support mobility. Sometimes I use the native iPhone compass app but it has some drawbacks: it can’t work with AppleWatch and can’t be a widget on today screen. While moving, I need to get an information immediately that’s why I ask if you know about a compass app that either works well with AppleWatch 3rd generation or can be set as widget on today screen. I don’t mind if it is paid or not. The only thing I want it to be accurate and not overloaded with adds.
Do you have an idea about the compass app that works without phone? Any suggestions welcome.
Thank you for your support!



Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

That would be awesome if we could do this on the watch, but does the watch have a giroscope to make this work?