hay siri bug can anyone else confirm?

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

hi all can others reproduce this bug: at first i thought it solved the issue of hay siri not working on wrist rase in watch os 2.1 but it does not.
1. go to the iPhone watch app and go to the wake screen setting
2. set it to wake screen on wrist rase to on
3. then ensure that speak on wrist rase is off in voice over settings and that your when wake screen active that you in our example go to the clock face on the watch

now in theory you should be able too when the watch is locked flick up wrist and hear nothing as VO not set to speak and just say hay siri text mum how are you. however for me voiceover is reading the clock face, is this a bug?
i thought is VO was not set to speak on wrist rase why is it doing so?
finally dropping my arm is not sending a text i though it was meant too? the watch is a great device for me apart from these twerks.