A few pre-purchase questions about the Apple Watch

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Hello everyone
I've been a member here for quite some time.
In 2015, I relented, giving my trusty iPhone 5s to my mother and switching over to android.
Now, 1 year later, I now have my old 5s back and am looking to buy the apple watch to go along with it.
A few questions!
1. Where is the apple watch category in the apps section of applevis? I'm not seeing it, despite there being standalone apps for the watch. Am I missing something?
2. How do I know which apps have accompanying watch apps to go along with their iPhone counterparts before I actually get the watch in my hands, or is there no way to tell? Very curious on accessibility of said apps, which is why I'm bringing this up.
3. What do people average for batterylife? Has anyone used the 38 mm vs. 42 mm and notice a difference?
4. How is it for alarms? I have a fitbit flex right now and one particularly nice feature is the ability to vibrate when an alarm is triggered. Does the apple watch do the same? Or is it too bulky to fall asleep with. As far as that goes, how is it to charge? How long does it take?
I'm going to go on a wim here and say it doesn't track your sleep like fitbit does?
5. I work out, lift weights, etc. I'm terrified of scratching or denting the aluminum of the watch. Has anyone had this happen? e.g. something hard smacking against either the watch or the band. Not that I'd intentionally be trying to make this happen, but one reason I'm buying it is for the fitness aspect.
6. And finally, what do all the bands look like? What are peoples preferred types?
7. Oh, one more question! By using a 5s, am I missing out on any of the watches capabilities?
thanks, and sorry for all the questions!



Submitted by David on Sunday, September 4, 2016


I have this combination and all works just fine. I'll try to give my opinion on each of your points, but forgive me if I miss anything out.
1. http://www.applevis.com/apps

You'll find a heading for Apple Watch with a couple links to the apps that have been reviewed etc. There is also a section in the forums for Apple Watch discussion.

2. IN the apps section on Applevis it indicates if an IOS app has an Apple Watch app associated with it. But note that this is dependent on whether the reviewer is aware of one, and can't be relied upon totally. If the app was posted by the app developer then it's likely to be accurate. On the App Store, it often indicates near the top whether there is an Apple Watch app as well, and usually you get that automatically when you buy the IOS app. Lastly, when you get the watch, it will add a Watch icon to your phone, and within that, there is a Store tab where you can look at all the apple Watch aps in the store.

3. Battery life will vary with usage obviously. I average using between 40% and 50% of my 38mm battery by the end of each day. I have managed to get mine to last over 36 hours on a single charge, but the manufacturuer's claim is about 18 hours I think. The 42mm does have a slightly longer battery life. My watch charges within a couple of hours if fully drained.

4. It comes with an alarm app supplied, but you can almost certainly get others from the app store. I've never worn my Apple Watch in bed, but I see no reason why it wouldn't vibrate, given that a significant part of the Apple Watch features is the taptic feedback. the main reason a lot of people have said they don't wear the watch in bed, is because they usually have to charge it every night. My usage is probably lighter than most based on that. You can't charge the watch while wearing it, because the charging disc fits magnetically to the back of the watch.

5. I have knocked my aluminium watch and band against things from time to time. I wouldn't recommend it of course, but nobody has said they look scratched or dented. You can buy watch protectors which fit over the watch to protect the screen and body, so that's always an option. There is at least one podcast review of a watch protector on this site.

6. Well, the best thing to do to find out about all the bands is to go to the Apple Store web site. there are numerous different types. Many people buy more than one, so they can switch the strap according to what they're doing. There are various coloured plastic bands, which feel a little rubbery to me, but are pretty robust. That's what you usually get if you buy the sport version of the watch. There are also various bracelets in different colours and forms. What you choose will be entirely a matter of your own taste, and what colour watch you select.

7. The watch's capabilities are not dependent on which version of IPhone you have, other than you have to have at least an IPhone 5. If anything, the Apple Watch can add features you wouldn't otherwise have, such as Apple Pay. I've not noticed anything missing, but then, as I don't have an IPhone 6 or later, I probably wouldn't know. Mine works just fine with my IPhone 5S.

You might want to hold off buying your watch for a couple of weeks though, just in case the rumours are true that Apple may announce the Apple Watch 2 in this week's presentation.