A couple of problems with setting up my watch

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

Hi all,

So yesterday I received my order of an apple watch. I set it up last night and have it on my wrist as we speak, but there’s two things I absolutely can not work out.
First of all, when I go into glances, it gives me Sydney time; of course, Melbourne is in the same time zone so it doesn’t matter but I would rather it say “Melbourne” you know? I tried going into language and region in the watch appp on my iPhone but there’s nothing there to change to another city. Even went into the world clock on iPhone and deleted every other city except Melbourne – no change. What am I missing please? I did change the weather screen to reflect Melbourne within the apple watch app on my phone as the default was Sydney. So it seems to think i'm in Sydney.
Second of all, in trying to set up health and activity on apple watch, I went into the health screen within the apple watch on iPhone app and when I go to fill in my birth date, height and weight, VO announces “not set”. But when I press edit, it says the same thing and doesn’t actually let me fill in any fields. How do I get to fill them in?

Thanks for any help, those of you with apple watches who have found a way of already doing all this.



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