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Hello. I got my Apple Watch Sport yesterday and it is working great. I have only one problem. I cannot find a way to access my contacts. I tried pressing twice on the long button but only got the message about Apple Pay wich I don't have and if I press once it just goes like when I press the crown. Am I missing something here? Thanks for any help.



Submitted by Blinken223 on Monday, May 15, 2017

Hi Sabrina, I don't believe there is a Contacts app on the watch, I know I've just looked at mine and can't find one. As for the buttons on the right side of the watch, the crown will wake up your watch to the watch face, pressing it again will show the list of your currently installed apps, including the stock Apple apps. The button just below the crown, this used to be the Friends button but since iOS 3.0, this has changed to your dock. The dock is a list of apps, that you can change in the Watch app on your phone. These apps in the dock would be apps you use often. Having these apps in the dock also keeps them in memory so when you open them, they open much faster. The same goes for complications on your watch face. For example, I have a watch face with the Timecrest complication, and if I double tap on the complication, it will load the game much faster. The apps that appear when you press the crown though, with the exceptions of those you have in the dock or complications, will take a little longer to load, but since iOS 3.0, I myself don't find that they take longer, I find that they load almost just as fast as those in the dock.

As for contacts, I believe that when you open the Messages, Phone or any other apps that requires access to your contacts, I believe you can see them from within the app. For example, if you open the phone app, there is a section for contacts and if you select one, you will see all of their telephone numbers. HTH!