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Hi folks!

So I finally caved in several weeks ago, and I decided to buy the Apple Watch sport, 38 MM.

I got it last night. Initially, the user experience was not very good for me until I restarted the watch after having just started it after the unboxing, which I thought was rather strange, but I digress.

Since I will probably not want my conversations broadcast all over the street as I walk, I thought it would be nice to talk Bluetooth headsets.

What do people use? So far, I considered the <a href="; target="_blank">Jawbone Era® Bluetooth® headset</a>
and perhaps the <a href="…; target="_blank">Bose SoundLink® Bluetooth® Headphones</a>
but I can't quite decide.

Both of those I have looked at, and they are obviously in a different price range from one another. the Era seems to have one earbud, whereas the Bose headphones obviously have two. I would feel slightly strange using just one earbud at a time because I'm not really used to it, although I honestly doubt I'd be listening to music very much on the Apple Watch. However, given that I can use them for my iPhone too, perhaps the more expensive headphone options would be better that include two earbuds.

I mostly prefer in-ear and on-ear. There are a lot of variables here, so hopefully I can get some advice based on user experience here.




Submitted by justin T on Saturday, May 30, 2015

I suggest trying out the hooke verse as a bluetooth headset
there earbuds that rap around the back of the head that also have built in microphones to record 3D binaural audio
you can learn more at
the developer is open for suggestions and the speech chip is already on the headset

Submitted by Serena on Saturday, May 30, 2015

wow. those do look good. might be tempted to get a set of those myself.

Submitted by Chuck on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Many bluetooth headsets can pair with two devices and I want the ability to listen to both my watch and my phone with out a lot of switching.
I have one that works particularly well, and has a large battery, which is needed when flipping between devices.

The headset announces which ever device you are working on , and flips to the other device with very little delay.

A couple of cautions... this is not your typical headset, the majority of its bulk rests behind the ear, and the microphone is not the best. But when using the Apple watvh dictation, the watches microphone is the default... which works great.

Only $24.99 at Amazon and eligible for Prime delivery.
Here is a link: