Apple watch on the way!

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

Well, I went ahead and ordered the Apple Watch Sport with the spiffy white band. They said it would be here by Friday.
I can't wait for the wrist taps and being reminded to move around and such. My husband asked what practical use it might have, and we couldn't think of any legitimate reason to buy one. I bought one anyway. LOL.
Does anyone know if Apple Pay works in Canada yet?



Submitted by Chuck on Saturday, August 1, 2015

The biggest advantage of the Apple Watch for me is that I get to leave my iPhone in my pocket most of the time.
Before I got the watch I would pull my phone out several times an hour, each time with the possibility of dropping the phone.

Now I can read and answer text messages, find the time and temperature, check on my 20 favorite stocks, look at my calendar, get some GPS walking directions, or check my next flight status, all from my wrist.. And this is just what is on the watch face and in glances...I haven't even gone to an app yet.

One day last week I realized that I went an entire day without looking at my phone.

Do I need an Apple Watch? No, not really. Do I love my Apple Watch? Absolutely!

Submitted by Fiona on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Apple Pay, the mobile payment system that launched on iPhone in the U.S. last fall, will be coming to Canada potentially by November, according to a report at the Wall Street Journal.

Submitted by Louise on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thanks Fiona:
I'm still waiting for the watch to show up, but this gives me even more motivation to obsessively check the tracking status of my watch as it travels to it's new home.
I just can't wait to waive my hand, and poof, I own new shoes. It is a girl's dream come true.

Submitted by Louise on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I got my Apple Watch yesterday. I displayed tremendous self restraint by charging it before starting to play with it.
I have a small bit of vision, so I used the camera to pair it with my phone. That was possibly the easiest thing I have ever done with a phone.
The learning curve was greatly reduced thanks to David Woodbridge's Apple Watch 101 podcasts. If anyone is considering buying an Apple Watch, I strongly recommend listening to a few of these.
Nowto get use to having my watch on my right wrist. I found that I prefer it there so I can use it when walking with my guide dog.
I am now anxiously awaiting Apple Pay here in Canada.