Apple watch and Water Lock

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I am using an Apple Watch 3 and have been swimming with it this summer. I turn Water Lock on when I go into the water and after getting out and dry, I turn the crown to unlock and purge any water. The escalating beeps sound and the watch works. However, sometimes the voice comes back normally. Other times however, the voice quality (and sometimes volume) is significantly degraded, sometimes only for a few minutes and sometimes for several hours. I have tried re-engaging the water lock and then turning the crown, but this doesn't help. Only time seems to solve the problem.
Has this happened to others? If so, any solutions?



Submitted by Tim Noonan on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I think what happens is that if the watch speaks when it is under water, that water can get behind the speaker diaphragm.

I forcefully blow air into the speaker grill and get the watch talking a lot, while the speaker grill is down-most.

Also, be aware that turning on the Digital Crown Navigation feature by two-finger triple-tapping disables the ability to use the crown to exit water lock mode. In that instance, you need to turn Voiceover off, and back on again.