Apple watch series 6 noise app, apple pay and hand washing features.

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

Hi all,
I recently purchased an apple watch series 6. I am really enjoying all the new features as I upgraded from a series 3, so this is a vast improvement. :)
I had 3 questions please.
1. I went to pay for something today using apple pay on my watch. When I double pressed the side button, it brought up a boarding pass, even though I haven't travelled anywhere since January because of all the crap the world's going through at the moment. The only way I could get apple pay to work was use my phone which worked fine. I checked the settings in the apple watch app, and under walet and apple pay, it showed the card on my phone which is the correct one. Everything looks fine but I can't bring up the apple pay screen on the watch even when to have it display "ready, hold near reader." I synced from a back up of my watch when I paired the series 6 so don't understand. Perhaps I need to turn the phone and watch off and on again. hmmmm.

2. I was playing around with the noise app. I created a complication on one of my watch faces for it to show the noise level. Last night I was in my room and checked the noise app. There was no other noise except voice over from the watch itself and the noise app registered 54 DB. Was the noise app detecting voiceover and if so, that seems to call into question how accurate the noise app is. Any further clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

3. I am also really liking the hand washing feature, particularly as I've suffered some difficulties with anxiety this year again because of what the world is going through, so I find the hand washing feature what I need to stay on track and not go overboard. My question around this is, voiceover audibly counts down the seconds, but does the feature count down audibly for sighted people who don't have voiceover turned on? If it does it would be great as the sighted person isn't or may not be looking at their watch while washing their hands.

Thanks heaps and looking forward to hearing from you soon.