Apple Watch Series 4 Boot Up Glitch

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Hello to all,

Not sure if others have encountered this issue, or perhaps I'm the only one, but I've recently discovered a glitch that seems to occur only when you are either powering on, after powering it off, or performing a hard restart while pressing and holding the crown and side button for 10 seconds. This glitch began after updating to Watch OS 5.1.2 and was wondering if others are encountering this on their Series 4 or Series 3, or even older models.

I currently have a Series 4 GPS model and am running the latest Watch OS (5.1.2), I currently have Screen Curtain turned on and am using the Minnie Mouse watch face. Now, before updating, when I would either power on, or do a hard restart, it would take about 20 seconds before VoiceOver would read "Screen Curtain On", then a few more seconds before I heard VoiceOver read "Watch Face" and then hear Minnie read out the time. Since updating though, as before, it takes about 20 seconds to hear "Screen Curtain On", but then takes about 2 minutes before I hear Minnie, during which, the watch is completely unresponsive. Swiping with one finger does nothing, although several seconds later, possibly more, I hear the sounds the watch makes when I swipe with one finger, but VoiceOver doesn't say anything. It's almost as if the watch is working hard on something. Sometimes, when powering on, the watch boots up normally, but in other instances, it does this.

Not sure if others with a Series 4, or possibly other models, are encountering this since updating to Watch OS 5.1.2 or, perhaps this is only on my watch. I just thought I would bring it up in the hopes I wasn't the only one.

I have sent an email to Apple Accessibility, hopefully the engineers will figure out what is going on. I don't really blame them for this, it's all part of the game of software development and things like this can happen.