Apple Watch OS5 And walkie

watchOS and Apple Watch Apps

I have installed the updates on my iPhone SE and my Apple Watch. I have activated walkie-talkie on my watch. I’ve managed to add a few people. My wife, has the identical watch and phone. She has opened the walkie-talkie app on her Watch, but can’t get any further than the introduction that basically tells you what it does. It doesn’t present her with anywhere to add or a list of contacts. Has anyone else had this problem? Are we missing something?



Submitted by Melissa Roe on Monday, September 24, 2018


When I first installed the Apple Watch update, I got that same message. I ended up rebooting both the phone and the watch, and that cleared up right away. Also, I noticed that the contacts were there on the screen, but you have to scroll with two fingers to find them. If she can find a contact that she knows uses walkie talkie, then the intro might go away, after the reboots I mentioned.
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