any apps to here audible feedback for my heart?

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Hi guys

I just got my apple watch! It's a 42mm sport watch. I've got lots of positive feedback about it, which i'm going to point out in another topic. but for now, There's one aspect I was looking to get with my apple watch, But I was saddened to see It's not there.
I was looking for an application in my apple watch that'd show my heart beat with beeping sounds, Something similar to Instant heart rate by azumio..
Currently sighted people can see a visual representation of their heart beating, So they can use breathing techniques for stress reduction and also more techniques for gymming.
Do you guys know of any application that could use the heart rate sensor in apple watch and would make beeping sounds for my heart?



Submitted by Gadget Meistress on Friday, January 8, 2016

I'm not sure if it's apple watch compatible, but, it is one way to listen to your heart with an iOS device. However, you'll need a headset, and either have the case completely off your phone, or apply an external mic to your chest. Furthermore, this app has sample sounds of various heart conditions, should you ever want to try self-diagnosing. It would be nice however, to have some sort of app that works like an audible heart monitor either for iOS, or in your case, the apple Watch.

Submitted by Hadi on Friday, January 8, 2016

Hi there
This is a good suggestion, but totally not what I'm looking for.
It doesn't support apple watch, so It won't be able to use the heart monitoring sensors on the watch.

If you wanna try the app that I'm looking for on the iPhone, try the app called: Instant heart rate.
This works with iphone's camera, but not apple watch.