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So I take it there is still no way to set the volume of Voiceover independently on apple TV? I'm using a second generation apple TV. With volume adjusted for Netflix Voiceover is way too loud. I couldn't help but notice while cat-sitting last week that the $40 Amazon fire TV stick has volume setting for its screen reader. Seems to me if Amazon can do it, Apple ought to be able to pull it off also.


As far as I know


As far as I know, there is no way to change the volume for Voiceover on Apple tv second gen. Not sure about the newest device, but I don't think ajusting the folume control on voice over is available for Apple tv second and third gen devices. If anyone has a forth gen device, would anyone confirm this?

Slightly off topic but...

Would love it if apple could allow us to route VO to a bluetooth headset... And whilst they're at it, the audio description for more social viewing. It's just embarrassing having Alex shouting at me when I'm trying to put on some mood music... CONTROL YOUR DEVICES!!!

VoiceOver Volume

On the 4th Gen Apple TV, there is a way to lower the volume of VoiceOver. You simply need to go into the rotor settings and add "Volume" to the rotor, then on the remote, you use two fingers to turn the rotor until you hear "Volume", then you use one finger and swipe down to lower and swipe up to increase.

As for the 2nd Gen Apple TV, is there anything in the Accessibility settings to change the volume of VoiceOver? I used to have a 3rd Gen Apple TV and don't recall VoiceOver being that loud, but that was a while ago and I could very well be mistaken.


If its there I sure can't find it

Thank so much for the information about 4th generation apple TV. As for 2nd generation, I've checked all settings but found nothing

Oh I thought I had the solution

I felt like a genius for about five minutes. I remembered the apple TV remote app. Was sure there would be a rotor in the app but alas no.