VoiceOver Safari edit field by character bug

On my iPhone 6 with IOS 10.1, Safari and VoiceOver will not let me move by character in multi line edit fields like the edit field for this post. Single line fields, like sign in fields seem to be fine. This is with the rotor set to character and flicking up and down, which only results in the end of line sound. On the mobile Facebook site with Safari, the multi line edit fields allow me to only move one character, then gets stuck, reading the contents of the edit field and the cursor position in which it's stuck with up and down flicks. Also, the left right and up down keys on my Zagg bluetooth keyboard do nothing in these edit fields with quick nav off. This is all I have had the time to test, so far.

I plan on reporting this bug to Apple accessibility. It seems from other posts that not everyone has this bug. What are you all experiencing?


exactly the same difficulty for me as well.

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I too have experienced this particular issue, with the last few iterations of ios10 on my iphone 6 plus.
as an application developer and iOS beta tester, I have reported this to apple 5 times now and have received no reply or feedback what so ever.
this is seriously preventing me from my work, and becoming somewhat irritating to say the least.


Thanks, I was starting to think that it was only on my phone and one other person's. I will try to report it to Apple.

The screen on my phone is separating from the casing on one side, so I will need to replace it soon. It will be interesting to see if the new phone has the same bugs I've come across.

Repros on iPhone 7

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This seems to be new with iOS 10 and is a regression on *any* iOS device while using VoiceOver in Safari/Safari View Controller in text inputs. i.e. it's not possible to review/edit text.

Sent a report

I just sent a report to Apple Accessibility. It's kind of like I can't use my iPhone for web browsing much anymore because of the over active verbosity and this bug.

I'll report this at the bug

I'll report this at the bug tracker I use. We are in the middle of anothr beta cycle so if his is fixed on my end you will get the fix in about 2 months.

Good luck.

Apple wrote back

Thanks for reporting that, KE7ZUM.

Apple wrote back and said they are looking into it.


I believe this bug also happens when your attempting to move by word as well. Having the same experience as all of you regarding reporting the cursor position and extraneously announcing attachment. I've dropped them an e-mail too.

I also have this issue

hey guys. earlier today, I was submitting a topic to the apple viz forum and I wanted to read the message field word by word and I noticed the same issue.

Has this been resolved yet?

I am still putting off upgrading to iOS 10 because of this issue and the verbosity issues. Has the text editing problem been fixed yet? Thanks

I'm having this problem

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As I type my response into the text fields on this page, VO doesn't report anything when I try to move by character with the left/right arrow keys on my keyboard. In the subject field, it started out fine but after I moved away from it and back again, it started reading the whole text as I pressed left/right arrow instead of reading by character. This is all with quick nav off.