VoiceOver issues on iPad

Hi, i'm new on this forum, i hope you will understand my english... I just want to talk about a huge issue i found on iPad (first edition) My aunt have some visual troubles so she needs to use VoiceOver in order to hear a webpage or email content, using both Safari and "Mail" basic apps. - she can't tell to voiceover to read an entire page : Voice Over stop at the bottom of the screen. Then she needs to disable VoiceOver using triple tapping, scroll with fingers, and then enable VoiceOver again, which read the webpage from the top of the page, again and again. So she just can't read any webpage which is larger than the iPad screen. - the second problem is that she can't read wikipedia webpages because of a lot of hypertext links. The voice say, for exemple : "Beethoven was born in 1785 in LINK , he was a friend of LINK in the country of LINK" I hope theses are just troubles, not bugs.. that's why i'd ask you to agree or deny with me please ? Thanks a lot for your help, Alexandre EDIT : if anybody could tell me how to change the male voice of "Voice Over" it would be very much appreciated :)


#1 Well, when you turn on VO, as

Well, when you turn on VO, as long as you don\'t flick onto the page content it shouldn't scroll back to the beginning. when you enable vo, touch the spot where reading should begin, then flick down with 2 fingers. For the link announcing, it's just normal behaviour,since totally blind people can't see if the text is different color - which usually indicates these. Instead of using vo, you could consider getting a talking web browser from the appstore - I believe linguatek makes one called Voice Reader Web, maybe that'd surve a better purpose. I hope I helped.

#2 Ok thanks for theses tips,

Ok thanks for theses tips, i'll try as soon as i can. For the link annoying announcing, i will try to use a Talking Web Browser as you adviced me. Thanks a lot

#3 If the 2 finger swipe down

If the 2 finger swipe down doesn't work for her, put the font size in accessibility back to the normal setting.

#4 Well, i finally spent some

Well, i finally spent some time to see the flicking down with 2 fingers : actually it works but with 3 fingers. I was wondering if a whole webpage can be read or if we always need to select paragraph one by one. Also i didn't get the "rotor" thing, but i will try to read the iPad doc for that... Thanks for the tip of flicking with v.o enabled, my aunt is very very very happy :) Have a merry christmas !