Are there any UK newspapers that support VoiceOver ?


#1 VoiceOver

My husband is also looking for an app that shows the London Stock Exchange and UK Company and Share news that is compatible with VoiceOver.

#2 only 2 it appears

Mail Online and The Independent seem to be the only two reviewed on this site. I've not tried any others, but would be disappointed if they were the only two. There are many other News apps that are useable, if that would be of interest.

#3 VoiceOver

Thanks! Not tried those two - Times, Guardian and Telegraph certainly don't work. Have also tried Metro which is very difficult to negotiate. What news apps do you recommend please.

#4 The Guardian on iPad

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The Guardian & Observer iPad app is very accessible. Not sure about the iPhone version.

#5 VoiceOver

Thanks a lot - will have to try Guardian again.