Voice Dream Reader and iOS 9

Hello all. I just want to report that when i use my voice Dream Reader on iOS 9, iPhone 6S 64GB, my battery is drained quickly. Have you experienced the same like me? When can i contact the developer of Voice Dream Reader? Thanks for your reply.


#1 Voice dream drain?

I'm still on a 6, and I have not noticed this. Have you checked under setting/battery to see what is draining your battery?

#2 Yeah i have

Yeah i have opened my battery settings and i saw that Voice Dream Reader is use 46 percent usage in background and six hours.

#3 I've noticed something else...

Hi, I've noticed that Voice Dream Reader closes the current book when the app is closed and the currently read item is not marked on the list as currenttly opened. Maybe they'll improve that soon.

#4 Hi,

I've noticed that Voice Dream Reader closes the currently read book whyen the app is closed or hidden on the tex bar. Also, the item read is not marked on the list of files as currently opened. Hope they'll correct that soon.

#5 Individual issues

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I think these issues are rather isolated. I have noticed neither of these issues. I just got an iPhone 6s 128 Gig. The only time it drains battery at all is when I'm reading books. Keep in mind too that it will probably drain more than some apps as the voices it uses are different normally from the stock voices that come on the iPhone. Just my thoughts.

#6 Using an iPhone 5s and

Using an iPhone 5s and running 9.1. Definitely noticed this.

#7 I have found the battery

I have found the battery drain and the random book closing.
The random book closing is really annoying for me, but it seems to only happen with some books. I'm just using the stock voices on an IOS 5.