Voice-based cooking app - Call for Beta Testers

Hi Apple Vizzers,

We're working on an entirely eyes free cooking app called: Yes, Chef. You can search for recipes, step through the cooking instructions, and ask questions about the ingredients. A couple of examples:

"chef, what do I set the oven to?"
or "chef, how many cloves of garlic do I need"

Who want's to be swiping with VoiceOver when your hands are covered with food?

If you're interested in helping us test out the app, leave us a comment here or send me an email at chris@conversantlabs.com


Ps. This is our second voice-enabled app. We released Say, Shopping, a conversational shopping app last summer. It's a free download in the app store.


#1 I shall be a beta tester.

I shall be a beta tester. What must I do?

#2 In order to be a beta tester

In order to be a Beta tester for any app including this one, you must sign up for the Apple Beta Software program. Here is a link to the website: https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/

#3 Beta Tester

I would like to beta test the app.

#4 Re: beta testing

No, you do not need to sign up with apple beta testing program to be a beta tester on an app, you simply need to download testflight free in the app store and provide the developer with your apple ID, that is it. You only need to sign up with the apple beta program to test apple software, IOS, OS X, TVOS, and so on.

#5 Is it globally recongized?

If it can be used in Australia, sounds awesome. :)

#6 It will be available globally

It will be available globally, though will only support English speakers at launch.

#7 I would like to test it.

I would like to test it.

#8 Beta testing!

I'd love to beta test.

How do I get set up for this? I have an iPhone 6.