vo saying portrit when turned on

I've also noticed this on my apple tv, has anyone noticed since ios 12.1 vo will say portrait when it first comes on or you turn it on? It even does it on my apple tv, does this mean anything?


It shouldn't

I don't use the lock rotation I've never found any use for it. I guess it's just something they never noticed, it doesn't hurt anything. It was like when they had a beta of Mac, they totally missed "New line selected" when you'd put a cap letter such as I.

me to

I've seen it on my ipad. for me, it stays in landscape mode for me at least.

The portrait announcement is

The portrait announcement is purely for the purpose of telling you which orientation your device is in. This is actually helpful in some instances. It is just an announcement; it doesn't really change anything.

It happens here as well

This has happened to me on my iPhone since I was running iOS 12 and when I tripple-click home to turn VoiceOver back on. It says 'portrait' even if my orientation setting is set to be locked into portrait mode.