using the hands and feet gestures in Papa2

Hi all. I think I'm doing something drastically wrong playing the new papa game. When I was able to walk to get the fragments of memory, I could only get one foot to move, no matter where I tapped. Now, there's some bird that I have to scare off, but i can't press the right places to clap. What's going on? I've tired with voice over on and off. Please help? Thanks, Siobhan



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I have two suggestions for you. First, after you start the game, I would suggest turning VO off. I know you can play with it on, but I find the game in general more responsive if you do not use Voiceover. Second, make sure you are holding the phone with the Home button to your right. Papa suggests you use your thumbs for movement. For me personally, this is not a good idea. I find it much easier to use my pointer fingers. Tapping on the bottom left and right of the screen, maybe half an inch in from the edges, is usually pretty good for walking. Tapping the top of the phone in the same position should be used for clapping to scare off the bird. Hope this helps a little.

hands an feet in papa no 2.

Hi, I find the previous posters comment to be very informative. Also, on my phone, PO says home button to the left, anyway, the walking and hand movements take some getting used to, tap on the bottom of the screen for feet, and at the top left and right edges for your hands, the record at the beginning of gameplay will give you hints. Good luck, and happy gaming!