Twitterrific returning to top of list

Hi, the more I swipe right in Twitterrific to read my Twitter feed, it sometimes will return back to the top of the list. Does anybody know how to get around this, or is there a better Twitter app out there?


#1 Focus Problems

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Twitterific has contacted me earlier this evening on this subject. It is apparently a bug and they are aware of the problem. They are currently working on this and hope to have a fix for this soon. HTH

#2 twitterific returning to top of page

How do I get Twitterfic to display the newest entries first without having to scroll back to the top of the list? Whenever I open the aplication it seems to be at the place it was when I stopped reading it.


#3 twitterific

I am noticing this bug. The only way I know is to move to the top to see the new tweets.

#4 Have any of you tweeted

Have any of you tweeted @twitterrific to see if they can reproduce it? I to notice this bug but it was also in tweetlist and other twitter programs I've tried.