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tvOS and Apple TV Apps

I downloaded the Youtube TV app, got signed in, which was a bit of a laborious process. Once that was done I went to listen to a little Youtube TV which by the way works very well on my IPhone 8. Unfortunately, when I started it, all categories, or tabs were read at one time and no matter how I flicked, swiped or stood on my head, which I wouldn't recommend, it doesn't work, I could not access any live tv. Any suggestions? I was hoping to cut the cable but if I can't use it to access programs on the main tv for family or myself when no one is home, it seems I may be out of luck.
If anyone can help, or suggest a streaming service that works both on Apple TV and IOS that would be great.



Submitted by Jared on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Using a Roku and Chromecast when I hit the cast button on IOS I can send video to any of the tv's in my house with a device plugged into them. Does the apple tv show up when you select cast? What about airplaying from ios to the apple tv?

Submitted by robdz on Thursday, October 3, 2019

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Well I don't know what I did but the app is working correctly now. In fact Youtube TV seems to be the most agreeable app for streaming on both the IPhone and Apple TV for me. It's interesting that you can get audio description on the major networks, CBS, NBC and Fox but not on USA or Oxygen which run a bunch of AD programming. Oh well, you get what you get I guess.