What effect will changing iTunes password have on my Apple TVs?

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If I change my iTunes password will I just have to input the new password in the appropriate places on my Apple TV, or will the change do things like lose my authorizations for HBO Go, ABC and so on. Also, will I end up needing to reenter my Netflix and Hulu plus password entry? Basically, does changing the password make the Apple TV act like a newly set up player instead of it just needing the new pass? The last time I changed my password, I only had iTunes and an iPod Nano, now I have two Apple TVs and an iPhone as well, so I want to be sure I understand what I am getting into before I get started. Thanks, Chris



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You should not have to do anything other than update your password when prompted. As for Netflix and Hulu, those are different services even though they are used through the AppleTV. It should not affect them at all.