Voiceover navigation on Apple TV

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So recently, I have been using my Apple TV more, and the navigation with Voiceover is more like what you would find on iOS. For a while, I was able to have Voiceover just follow focus and use my Apple TV like anyone else would. However, that option seems to be gone.
I contacted Apple, and they said they're putting in a feature request. For those who use the Apple TV, is there a way to get the old navigation style back and I'm just missing it?



Submitted by Eryn Rochelle on Thursday, December 2, 2021

The old navigation style is still working for me, but I haven't updated my AppleTV. It seems there were a lot of features removed with the release of iOS 15. My thoughts would be to see if there are any options on downgrading the AppleTV. I know there's a USB type C port that can be used to restore the box, so I'm thinking there might be an unofficial option for downgrading.

Submitted by Rich on Thursday, December 2, 2021

So not long after posting this topic, I figured out what you do.
Simply perform a two finger triple tap to toggle navigation modes, and you'll have the old mode back.