Trouble Pairing VarioUltra 40 with AppleTV

tvOS and Apple TV Apps

Whenever I try and Pair my VarioUltra 40 (running v. 1.42 firmware and Software 3.47 ) with my AppleTV, I get to the screen where I can enter a pairing code on my AppleTV. It says “enter code on VarioUltra followed by enter key”. My Braille display says enter pin 1111. I try and type the code on my VU and press return, nothing. I then try and enter the code 1111 on AppleTV using remote. The text goes in the boxes OK, but nothing happens after that. Lastly, this times out and I get the alert on my AppleTv wrong Pin code.

When I try again, I get the prompt to enter in the Pin code On APPLETv, bit then immediately I get the error wrong Pin code beforeI can enter anything.

Anyone else able to Pair a VU 40 or any Braille Display with the appleTV running TVOS 12.2.1?

What Steps do you take to do this?