THETA Poker Pro - A Great VoiceOver Enhanced Game for Apple TV

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The beauty and simplicity of Texas Hold 'Em, the "Cadillac of poker", is now fully accessible on the 4th generation Apple TV!

THETA Poker Pro has been one of the most accessible card games you could play on iOS for almost three years. If you've already purchased it, thanks; you've already got it for your Apple TV as well, since it's a universal purchase (you're welcome). If you're wondering what the hype is all about, here's why this is such a great game for you:

1) Only two hole cards to remember. Not five like in draw poker or ten in gin or thirteen in bridge.

2) Only three basic actions to perform. Swipe up to bet/raise, click to check/call, or swipe down to fold. (You can also swipe left for a helpful hand status or right for a complete hand recap.)

3) No time limits. Take as long as you want to make each decision. The intelligent computer opponents will wait. On the other hand, THETA Poker Pro is actually the fastest and strongest Hold 'Em game out there -- if you want it to be -- making it one of the best ways to improve your poker skills.

4) No risk to your bankroll. Once you've bought THETA Poker Pro, you're done. No in-app purchases. No ads either. And as long as you all keep supporting the app, it will continue to get ported to future Apple products (with the exception of the Apple Watch, whose face is so small, I needed a magnifying glass to read it ;-).

Since THETA Poker Pro is a universal purchase (one purchase gets you the app on all of your Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices), you can buy it through its App Store link, then easily find it on your Apple TV in the Purchased section of the App Store app. Or you can search for "THETA" in the Apple TV App Store.

P.S. - Sincere apologies to all existing THETA Poker Pro users who were disappointed when the first Apple TV release of the game (Version 1.8.0) didn't work with VoiceOver on tvOS. As an solo, independent developer, I was already working seven days a week trying to get the app running properly on the Apple TV in time for the opening of its App Store. It took me almost the entire next two months to get VoiceOver working for you, my favorite users.



Submitted by Jim D on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thank you for this post and for your work to make Theta Poker Pro accessible to Voiceover users. I've been looking for a good poker game on both my iPhone 6 and fourth generation AppleTV, so just purchased Theta Poker Pro. Looking forward to many hours of great fun with this app. Thanks again for making the app Voiceover friendly!