Is Sling TV worth it on the Apple TV?

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For my birthday I received a 64GB Apple TV 4th gen from my mom. I've got things setup & most of the apps I want installed and working. One app I'm considering is Sling TV as I only subscribe to internet services from Comcast and don't care for their TV or phone packages. What I'm wondering is the following:

1. Is Sling TV accessible on the Apple TV?

2. Is it really a better deal than shelling out more to Comcast?

3. What's the experience like for low vision/blind users if it is accessible?

I'd love to hear your opinions as it will help me make a decision whether to make this purchase or not. Thanks in advance for your help...



Submitted by kevinchao89 on Friday, June 23, 2017

The last time I tried Sling TV was almost a year ago when I received it with Apple TV 4th gen promo.

The 2 reasons I canceled was accessibility and content–lack there of. The Sling TV app was inaccessible with VoiceOver. Even after lots of workarounds and memorizations, the content was lacking compared to accessible TV solutions.

I prefer and use: Netflix, YouTube TV, Prime Video, and Apple Music.