Remote for Apple Tv for iPhone

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Hello All, I just recently got the Apple Tv Third Generation a few days ago, and downloaded the app for my iPhone 4S to use it as a remote. However, I'm having some difficulty on using it. When I open it up, I go to the control tab, because it seems like its always on the computers tab for some reason. Then, as I'm trying to scroll through selections in the main menu, it seems as if its not reading everything out on the Tv, as it does when I'm using the remote that came with the Apple Tv. Also, when I go to search something in YouTube, the keyboard comes up and works fine, I just have trouble getting to it, and when I look for the search results on the iPhone, I can't find the search button at the bottom right of the phone. I have to right arrow on the remote that came with the product to read search results. If anyone could tell me what I may be doing wrong, or give me some pointers on how to use this, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also wondering, do I have to use both the Apple remote itself, along with the app for the iPhone together with each other, to make it work? Thanks for anyassistance, Shane.