Recording an audio boo from your Mac

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Hi all. I've looked on the audio boo site, now I thought i'd ask here. I know it was possible at one time to record a boo from the site. the problem is that there are unlabeled buttons, then when I click them, nothing seems to happen. Navigate I can see start recording play and restart. If I click ont he screen reader friendly link it only lets me upload existing files. I could just record the audio boo on the phone. Thanks fir any tips.



Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Saturday, August 31, 2013

I guess the reason why the record in browser doesn't work anymore is that they use Java to record from the Mac. As some of you know, Java 7 can't be used with Voiceover on the Mac yet. I have tried since last year and couldn't get it to work. If anyone have any advice you can seriously save- not my day but my entire 2013. :) Sorry, back to your question: I would instead record it from your Mac in e.g. Garageband or another app like Audacity. Just keep in mind how much time you have. If you go over, it wan't work. HTH

Simply use the screen readers link. It 's easy to use and you can use what ever recording software you have, quick time, audio hijack, etc. I don't record direct from any website because if i mess up or what to do somethig cool like splicing audio in, I'mmore free to do this from my computer's software. You can also use boo mail to upload yoru boos to the server as well. Note, this is for public boos only.