No longer able to navigate up or down with VoiceOver on Apple TV

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I am runnign the latest version of TVOS and suddenly I am no longer able to navigate up or down when VoiceOver is on. This is on an Apple TV 4K. Follow focus and direct touch are also no longer in my router and when I go to settings/accessibility/VoiceOver and change navigation from follow focus or direct touch, nothing happens. I have also restarted the Apple TV with no luck. Any ideas?



Submitted by Survivor Wolf on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

You now need to triple-tap the touch area of the remote with 2 fingers to switch between what they now call navigation mode and explore mode. Navigation mode will be either follow focus or direct touch, based on how you have it set in Voice Over settings. Explore mode will have headings, characters, or whatever else you have added to the rotor.

Submitted by Troy on Saturday, June 19, 2021

This is why I'm no longer an apple tv user. If apple can't keep it basic and want to add these extra time consuming gestures to the apple tv to make it accessible then I'm out. I don't have the time nor pacients to do all this extra. If you do, cootos to you!