New Youtube look on Apple TV?

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Say, has anybody else here noticed the new look whitch youtube has on Apple TV? I have. I can see what they tried to do, but it's really something else now. To sign in, you need to go to and choose an account if you have more than one. Then, you enter the special code that pops up on the TV screen. This is an eight character code and, you'd need to enter that in to the site which will alert you that a third party device is attempting to access your youtube account. There's no way to make Apple TV repeat the code so having Braille beside you is really a must for this. You have to do this every single time you sign in to youtube with Apple TV. The only way to get the same code twice is if you try to click on the "my youtube button" and not the usual sign in button under the setings tab. Now, here's the kicker. Let's say you have 80 or so favorites. Well, you can only see twenty of them. I have not yet found a way to cause Apple TV to show the earlier favorite videos. Also, it appears that now, it is impossible to add to or remove from favorites. At least, I have yet to find it. Like and dislike are accessible now, and, that is okay. Anybody else seen this yet?