New to AppleTV and Seeking Help

tvOS and Apple TV Apps

Hello AppleVis Community,

I've just recently purchased a new 32GB 4th generation AppleTV. This is my first AppleTV, so I am relatively new to it. The only Apps I have for it are the ones carried over from the previously purchased Apps I have made on my iPhone or iPad. I have tried to look for and research any apps that would be considered accessible for the blind, but there is very little information save for a book reference which I'd rather not investigate for various reasons. I am hoping to get the communities input about the Apps they use on their AppleTV as well as the overall general accessibility of the Apps they use.

I am looking in general for Apps that offer free streaming services for documentaries and educational content as well as news and weather coverage. I am not looking for apps that require a subscription as I already have a NetFlix subscription. I am not really interested in any games as I have a ton for my iOS devices. As I said, I'd love to get an idea or list of the Apps that people use on their AppleTV as well as the thoughts on their accessibility.

I want to thank everyone who may contribute, and I also want to ask the AppleVis staff if they wouldn't mind contributing any information on the Apps they use with their AppleTV also. Again, thank you for taking time in helping me with this.

Sincerely, Yokose



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Sunday, September 4, 2016

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