Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video on Apple TV

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Hi, I'm thinking about getting an apple TV and am wondering how accessible streaming with Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video is using the Apple TV. As you all well know, the apps for iOS devices are pretty much useless for these two serves.
Thanks for any input.



Submitted by Michael on Friday, June 27, 2014

Netflix streams with no problems on the Apple TV. Amazon Prime is not available on that platform, considering Amazon's Fire TV, I doubt we'll ever see it there.

Submitted by Amy on Friday, June 27, 2014

Hi Heather. I guess maybe my view of both of these apps is different, as I personally do not find them to be useless on iOS, but rather, quite usable with some easy to do work arounds. This, does not mean that they are perfect, either... I'll give you that; no question!

Regarding Amazon Instant video, at this time, you cannot stream videos from this service via Apple TV. Whether or not this will ever be an option is anybody's guess, though as someone who is a prime member with two apple TV's, it would be awesome to have!
As for Netflix, and also Hulu for what it's worth to you, those interfaces on the apple TV are beautiful!
The developers of these respective apps might have issues creating an app for iOS that works flawlessly with Voiceover, but Apple, does not; and when they made those two options for Apple TV, they got it right! If you should decide to purchase an Apple Tv, you will be more than happy with your decision for Netflix and Hulu alone.
Best of luck with whatever you choose! :-)

Submitted by Bryan Jones on Friday, June 27, 2014

The Amazon Instant Video IOS App has been nicely accessible for a couple of years now, and the latest release of the Netflix IOS app (v6.0) is actually quite accessible, too. As Amy mentioned, both require minor workarounds for a few functions, but nothing beyond the ordinary. Also, more details on using both of these apps are written into their entries here on AppleVis.

As Michael mentioned, Netflix works fine on the Apple TV, and Amazon Instant Video is not available directly from the Apple TV, though it is possible to stream content from the Amazon Instant Video IOS App to the Apple Tv via Airplay.