net flix, apple tv and other stuff, a question, need help to understand the teck terms

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good day everyone !
I just took a member ship of net flix through Itunes mostly because in my case, since I had apple music and match, it made every things to pay everyone at the same place. Now, I am 61 and my friend that I live with is not blind and is not what so ever crazy about pc or any kind of tap tap anything regardless of the bran name, as he say for a joke I ate them all just the same. but one day I had my head phone on so I did not ear him and he saw that I was watching an episode of futurama, so, when he saw it was over, he tap me on the shaulder and he was impress with this, he wanted to know more about this. so, I am no big expert so I just told him what I know I pay so much a month and I show what get on the first page and I let him read a bunch of title, and he goes I sure would like this but you know me with pc or mac or anything I just don't want to learn but I must admit that I sure would like to have this on the television set in my bedroom but with no pc stuff, so I made a call to met flix and they are telling me the cheapest way seem to be something roku express for 40 dollars on amazon,but you know other of what I know, I don't know much, and I was thinking, he has a very large bedroom and some nice chair to sit down, and I am sure that this product roku, at that price, I would think it has nothing for the blind, I was thinking, does an apple tv has net flix capability? because if yes, I would not mind to get one of those and this way I could have access to it wghen he is not home and we would pay the idem haf and haf anyway.

so does apple tv has access to net flix and all that?



Submitted by Jeff on Friday, April 14, 2017

Yes, you can install the Netflix app on an Apple TV. In fact, Netflix is available on many devices including the Rocu and the Amazon Fire Stick. Some smart TV's support Netflix directly, too.

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Friday, April 14, 2017

You can get Netflix on Apple TV.

His TV. in the bedroom may be a smart TV. in which case, it may already have the Netflix app installed. But, I don't blame you for going with an Apple TV., that way you both could watch it, & it'd be a way that's accessible to you. Go ahead & spring for one if you can afford it!

Submitted by Betsy on Friday, April 14, 2017

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I have just recently become aware that the the Amazon fire TV stick can be set up so that the TV reads to you everything on the screen like menus, movie titles, and movie descriptions. . I don't know if all of the fire TV devices have this feature. And, the Roku Express is one of their devices that has voice also.

Submitted by Toonhead on Friday, April 14, 2017

If you get an Apple TV, you can use Netflix, and the app is VoiceOver-friendly. Even better, though, is a feature that Netflix has, which is called profiles. If you're sharing your apple tv with a family member,or a friend/room mate, you can give them a separate profile, not a second subscription, but a separate profile that they can use, and watch their own kind of shows, and the suggestions that they get will be independent of the kind of shows someone else may like to see. So lets say for example that you like Futurama, and all kinds of other animated shows and some sitcoms, but your room mate prefers documentaries, something that is completely different. Once you have a different profile, Netflix will put up a screen that asks, "whose watching?" followed by different buttons for each profile. Just pick yours and you can watch the kind of stuff you like. When your friend wants to watch, you can disable VoiceOver for them, they can choose their profile and watch whatever they want too. This saves on the 2 people in the house having to have separate Netflix subscriptions. It's a great idea.

Submitted by Gerardo on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Also there's Google ChromeCast, which converts any flat screen TV to a Smart TV; even better, you use it via your iPhone, so no worries if it's accessible or not, and it's $35! I use this every day from myiPhone 5S to watch Netflix, Youtube and other content, even listening to TuneIn Radio! Good luck!