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Go to the app store on your 4th gen TV, and look for the search key word, "Nature".

About the 2nd or 3rd result over will say Nature Soundscapes.

Now, don't worry, this is not the whole new-agy kind a thing. This is truely soundscapes of things.

The app developer needs to really do a better job at labelling the buttons in this app, as right now, hardly anything is labeled correctly, although I did figure it out. Here is a general walkthrough of the app.

While in navigation mode on the remote, which is what you'll be in by default anyway, move as far to the virtical top left edge of the screen as you can focus yourself. This will be a sleep timer button. If you click this button, you then have options you can click on ranging from 5 minutes, to 2 hours, plus an option to stop the timer, and one to cancel out of the menu. Of corse, you could just also hit the menu key to back your way out.

The next button past the timer, if you flick right once from there is a display off button. So, if you click this, your TV screen will go blank solid black as if it's not even on. This is good for people with sensitive light perception, or for people who may want to sleep in the dark, but have a nice soundscape to chill out to. If you hit this by mistake, don't pannick. Just hit your menu button once on the remote, and your screen will turn back on. No biggy.

To the right of the display off button is a play/stop toggle button, which surprisingly, is! properly labeled.

The next button, I can't quite figure out. I know what it is, but I don't know what it does exactly. Basically it's a button to enable/disable oscillating mode. I thought that would pan the sound around the room, or would oscillate between all the different soundscapes after x amount of time, but that doesn't appear either to be the case. Maybe it's a visual thing?

The final button on the top is a menu button which you can click to rate the app in the app store.

Just to be sure we're correctly oriented, move back to the very very very top left icon, on the sleep timer. Now, if you move down one row, you'll have, well, initially 5 buttons. I say initially as in a sec, you'll see why. These just say copy1 through copy5 button initially as you move to the right across that row. These clearly need to be better labeled. These are the 5 different soundscapes you have by default. I'd just suggest clicking one of them and seeing what plays. Voiceover sometimes after clicking one of them will read what the active soundscape is, but I've found it somewhat inconsistent.

Just below these 5 buttons is an unlock icon you can click to make an in-app purchase for 99 cents which unlocks 3 more soundscapes like the wilderness, waterfalls, etc. I wish it had birdsounds, but it doesn't. I might look for an app though. The purchase process for this bundle is quite straight forward. Once you buy the bundle, you'll have copy6, 7, and 8 buttons to the right of the copy5 button on the last row I spoke of.

Once purchased, I'm pretty sure that icon turns to a restore purchases. If not, then you'll just go like you were gonna buy it again, then it'll tell you you already bought them, and will just restore. I've not hadda need to do that, but that would be my logical guess.

Then, once installed, that in app unlocker thing disappears, making the 8 copy buttons be the last virtical row on the screen. And, that's the whole app for ya, guys



Submitted by Josh Kennedy on Friday, November 6, 2015

yes chris i discovered that app yesterday. I love it! I always wanted to have nature sounds like the ocean and stuff to relax to on my tv and now i do! i also saw games like solitaire and a casino game in there I may try them today and see how accessible they are.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, November 6, 2015

Josh, I'll admit that while I am not much a gamer in the least, the more apps we can get pushed to the new app store that are accessible, the better. I wrote David Woodbridge, or whoever's responsible for the support e-mail address over here at Applevis last night, and expressed my desire to get an Apple TV 4 app directory added to the site. I think this really would push developers in the correct direction, and would motivate them, by showing them that there really are people like us out there who want their apps, if they just follow accessibility standards. My point being, yes. If you do find anything of the sort that is accessible, do let us know. Again, hopefully, eventually we won't have to do this in the guides section, as admittedly, that's really not technically speaking where these type app reviews belong, but, it was probably with the way the site now is designed, the best place I could think to do it.

I figured that would be more appropriate than berrying it in a forum discussion topic.

If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter to discuss the Apple TV for now, you can follow me.



Also, just to keep things organized, if you do! tweet me, please use the hashtag


Have a good day, guys.

Submitted by Nick Culbertson on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hello Chris!

I'm the developer of Nature Soundscapes. Thanks for posting about this and taking the effort to figure out navigating the apps limited accessibility. I'm happy to say the app has just been updated to include full VoiceOver support! Thank you again for your support in sharing the app.


Submitted by sockhopsinger on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Thanks, Nick. I too use the app. The quality of the sounds is fantastic.

Submitted by Nick Culbertson on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

In reply to by sockhopsinger

Great, thanks for posting sockhopsinger. I rerecorded some of the audio for this release so hopefully they will sound even better!