movies or TV shows with audio description on Apple TV purchased through iTunes

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I know we can turn on audio description in settings. When I purchased the movie Despicable Me through my Apple TV, it didn't say anything about being audio described, but when I played the movie it contained audio description through the apple TV. So how is this possible? Is this a product of the fact that the audio description setting is turned on in iTunes, or is there another section under the movie when I search for it that gives me the clue it is audio described? This movie was not listed under the audio described movies. Not sure.



Submitted by Macky on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I have noticed that a lot of new releases are coming to the itunes store with audio description now which is great. But possibly even better is the fact it's been added to some older titles now too, including as you say despicable me and the recent batman trilogy and the harry potter series. So maybe you bought the movie just before AD was added? In the itunes store, a symbol marked AD appears beside the closed captioning symbol next to the price of the film and and audio description is also listed under languages and accessibility at the bottom if available. I find the best way to keep track of what films have audio description is to go to the itunes store and simply search for audio description. I did this just the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how many films there are now with the AD option. :)