Issues with VoiceOver on Apple TV 4k with the latest version of tvOS

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I have an Apple TV 4K with the latest version of the tvOS. I've noticed that the navigation with voiceover is not working properly.And most apps, navigating with a trackpad doesn't navigate the same way as navigating with a universal remote control of my TV. The only way to fix this is to reset the Apple TV to defaults.Unfortunately, this only works for about three days and then voiceover does not navigate properly anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?



Submitted by sonofdiabetesdad on Saturday, April 10, 2021

sounds like an odd bug or someone in your house is messing with you. do you have grandchildren that use your tv? they may either intentionally or not be changing the settings. i had a friend who couldn't understand why his internet would stop working in the late afternoon. it would cut off and then 20 mins later come back on. finally it turned out his 5 year old coming home from daycare would go everyday and unplug the router then when he would wake up from his nap plug it back in.

He thought it was a game.